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Landmark World agreement draws near.


Following a succession of very constructive meetings between leading officials of World Bowls and World Indoor Bowls Council, both organisations are pleased to announce that a draft agreement is in the process of being finalised whereby World Indoor Bowls Council (WIBC), renamed as International Indoor Bowls Council, will affiliate to World Bowls.

‘The proposed new agreement between World Bowls and World Indoor Bowls Council represents a tremendous step forward for the sport of Bowls,’ stated World Bowls president John Bell.

‘It is a classic example of two administrative bodies working together to enhance the quality, credibility and profile of world events. Importantly too, it will also provide consistency of global governance and promotion at all levels of the sport and elevate the status of the indoor code worldwide.’

Sandra Bailie, World Indoor Bowls Council president added: ‘On behalf of the World Indoor Bowls Council Executive, I am delighted to endorse this positive move. The sport of Bowls worldwide will undoubtedly be the principal benefactor.


WIBC Senior Championships


The 2018 WIBC Senior Championship will be held at Hartlepool Indoor Bowls Club from Tuesday 10 April to Friday 13  April 2018.  The WIBC wishes to thank the Club for hosting this major Championship in 2018. We look forward to seeing you all there.